Xiaomi Enters Hybrid Smartwatch Market With The Mijia Quartz

As much as I like my Apple Watch I find the idea of hybrid smartwatches an intriguing one; with a decent amount of features and amazing battery life they present a good alternative for those looking for something that tracks basic fitness metrics and doesn’t compromise too much on style.

Yesterday the China consumer tech juggernaut, Xiaomi, launched the Mijia Quartz, a new and compelling hybrid offering. The Quartz features step counting and six-month battery life all wrapped up in a quite striking design, and at just over US$50 it seems like great value.


One question I have is whether or not it does sleep tracking like Xiaomi’s other wearables, I’m assuming not given it isn’t specifically called out as a feature but if that’s the case it feels like a strange omission.

Xiaomi Today has a good early review if you’re keen to learn more about the Mijia Quartz.