The Many Faces of Apple Watch Series 4

If you’re curious about the different configurations available for the new Infograph, Infograph Modular, Fire and Water, Vapor and Liquid Metal faces on Apple Watch Series 4, then here’s a fairly comprehensive screenshot gallery showing most of the options on offer.

Infograph Face

I’m a huge fan of complications and as such I’m glad to see a new face that allows more than any before (eight in total). If you like colourful designs then you may also find this face an appealing option.


The ring dial and second hand colour can be changed to any one of the vast number of options shown in the screenshots below.


As previously mention the Infograph face supports up to eight complication (four centre, and four corner ones). The top, centre complication is also capable of providing more information in the form of text that runs along and curve across the top half of the dial (in the screenshots below you can see heart rate data being displayed here). The following screenshots show which system complications ares supported in each area and what they look like.

Infograph Modular Face

The Infograph Modular watch face is not dissimilar to the existing Modular watch face, however, it does add day and date above the digital time and include a larger centre area that can be used to show more graphical data.


The four smaller complication areas (bottom three and top left), use the same complication type as those in the centre of the standard Infograph face, refer to above for available options in these positions.

Fire and Water Face

Vapor Face

Liquid Metal Face